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new Chrome extensionIn the new age of Internet surfing, we are always looking for ways to do things faster & more conveniently. One of the fastest ways to access our favorite Websites is by using bookmarks. However, users of the Google Chrome browser can now access their favorite Websites a lot faster by taking advantage of new Chrome extension called ‘Keyword Redirect’.

With this new extension, users will be able to open a Website of their choice faster by simply typing “go” & a special pre-set keyword they have assigned to the URL of the Website. This way you don’t have to type the complete URL of any site when you want to visit it. Typing “go” & that keyword will automatically redirect to the URL.

You can download the new Chrome extension here. Once you have added the extension to your browser, you have to add the shortcuts for your favorite URLs. Keyword Redirect makes it easy to add shortcuts to your YouTube channels, your favorite news Sites or blogs, your Slack groups among others.

Another interesting feature of this new Chrome extension is that it allows you to create groups for related URLs. For example, instead of creating individual shortcuts for each of your YouTube playlists, you can simply create a group for them using the same prefix & add specific keyword shortcut for each one & attach to your group.

There is also an open source for this extension available for developers on GitHub. Keyword Redirect is available for free on the Chrome Web store. However, you have to have the Chrome browser installed to use this extension.


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