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Like many other Online publishing houses & media organizations, What’s New On The Net is operating in some very challenging financial times. It’s owner, New Age Content Services LLP is not a wealthy publishing house. But it does strive to give important news related to the Internet & Digital Worlds as well as around the birth of startups, without any bias.

What’s New On The Net has now been Online for over 7 years. We’ve got no VC funding or angel investor backing us. The decision to keep advertising on the Website to the minimal also means no revenue from that end. And, our content does not even require any sign-up or have any paywall in keeping with our policy.


Here’s what we are about:


But free-to-all content involves a cost.

So we need your support to help secure our future.

We know that not everyone may be in a position to support us. But if you are, then please do help. By contributing a small, one-time sum of anywhere between US $10-30, you can be an integral part of our mission to make the Online world a more informed place, & help us reach more & more people.

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