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This Site is owned by the Mumbai, India-located the Internet consultancy and marketing firm, New Age Content Services LLP. Together with this, it owns and manages 5 global Websites, all revolving around the Internet, Web and digital worlds.

As this Site’s Mission Statement, indeed, the domain name suggests, this Site aims to inform the average Online user of all the new developments that occur ONLY in the world of the Internet and its sub-set, the World Wide Web. Though used inter-changeably, the WWW is a sub-set of the entire Internet – a vast network of computers and servers spanning the earth, and yes, sometimes, even in space.

Bringing you up to Net Speed is its tagline. So be it Internet-related hardware news, or news & views related to the World Wide Web, or the launch of a new Website, portal, blog or micro-blog, chat or search engine, smartphone or Web app, you will find it all here on this Website. All of it brought to you using a combination of cutting-edge curation software and human editors.

We are not concerned about real world events. We, though, concede that there are times when the two worlds overlap. Things on the Internet do help people in the real world lives. We will cover these, too.

The Site focuses on “pure” Internet and Web products. By that we mean, tools/enablers/products/services (and everything in between) so also mobile computing devices designed solely for the betterment of the Internet community. It, though, will not list nor report on real world businesses that have made their transitions to the ether. The Site concentrates on “software” that makes up the Web world, that even claim to make the life of an average netizen much more easier.  Software in our dictionary does not mean programs written in some gobbledygook code. This Site is only interested in communicating with fellow surfers; we have decided to leave the language part to the distinguished IT linguists.

At the same time, the Site is not just another ‘Listings’ Site. With the combination of original, curated and aggregated Content, it endeavors to also educate the average Net and Web user on some of the new, the best and the most unique Sites and applications that are out there. It will cover startups, mobile phone apps, Online companies, the Internet of Things, cybersecurity, just to name a few. All this in a simple, lucid manner.  So, from high-profile multi-billion dollar portals to garage operations; if it has to do with the Internet, it will find a mention on this Site. We profile startups & smartphone apps from publicly available information, not review them, all with the aim of giving them a little “push” in the right direction.

Along with the Startups, this Site also publishes News & developments that directly concern the Web and the digital worlds, 24X7. Be it the launch of a new browser or an Online payment service, a Search Engine, new browser software, the merger of two major Online companies; readers will find all such developments reported here.

There’s also an ‘e-What, Why & How’ section that has information you can use in a tangible way.  It`s a How To…section combined with Why To…..to help you make use of some of the startups and “software” in your day-to- day, Online lives.




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