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AppFlyer’s ‘OneLink’ makes it possible for digital marketers to create a single universal deep link for promoting their App on any platform or operating system.

OneLink’s device detection capability allows it to identify devices & direct users, appropriately. The deep-link generated will direct those who click on it to an optimal page in the App, or direct a new user to download the App. It then opens the contextual page automatically once the App is launched.

AppFlyer will capture information like the campaign promo code, referrer name, etc, & send it to the App in order to deliver a customized & contextual experience to new users. Users can be directed to the Appropriate sales page attached to the link or a custom on-boarding page based on the ad’s CTA.

OneLink deep linking has several powerful use cases. It has analytics built into it which makes it a powerful tool for SMS & email marketing. Every action is measurable. This makes it a viable tool for marketers running referral programs for their App. With this universal link, you can measure downloads generated from each of your social media posts or use it as a promotional tool to track which of your followers is able to generate more downloads.

Every deep link from OneLink can be fully configured to represent your brand. You can use short URLs or use your own branded domain. OneLink will also generate a unique QR code which can be printed on print ads like billboards, brochures, & other promotional materials.

OneLink Universal deep link also makes it possible to measure the performance of your marketing efforts. You can track how your links are performing on every channel. With insights like this, you will be able to determine which of your channels has the highest in-App conversion & retention.

OneLink is quite simple & easy to set up. Interested users simply need to enable deep-linking within their App & integrate the AppFlyer SDK. They can then set it up according to their preferences using the AppFlyer dashboard.

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