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This rather inexpensive platform claims to be all that your Online business will need to improve your social media strategy. Vaizle will help you gain an understanding of the best types of posts & hashtags for social media engagement. You’ll also obtain daily actionable insights with its analytics dashboard with visuals in the form of charts & graphs.

It can be difficult for a startup or existing enterprise to determine the best way to market products & services. Social media marketing is all the rage, but getting traction in that environment can be difficult. Having a viable social media strategy is key to competing & a good starting point is knowing how you rank against your competitors, something that Vaizle gives you right off the bat.

The platform starts out by giving you an easy way to analyze & interpret your company’s social media data & what it means to your business, including how consistent you are against your competitors.

Based on this analysis, it will suggest to you the optimal number of hashtags & words your posts should have & the optimum times for posting to get the best engagement. This allows you to optimize the best post & content types based on audience interaction.

The Vaizle dashboard saves you a lot of time you’d normally be spending gathering & interpreting your data. You’ll get actionable tips that you can actually put to use to greatly improve social media performance. The insights are derived across a multitude of variables & numeric tables, charts & graphs are shown to easily understand what’s going on.

Vaizle support all the major social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube & Instagram. It lets you choose multiple handle & multiple platforms & makes it easy to compare your company’s performance on these platforms against your competitors.

Vaizle is a Chandigarh, India-based startup that has already gained acceptance by major brands like Coca-Cola, Yamaha, BCG & others. Pricing for the platform starts with a free ‘Essentials’ package for 3 profiles, limited to Facebook & Instagram. This package has 3 months data history & data retention & has a limited number of analysis features.

 – This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review – 
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