1st few days of 2016 & India’s startup scene is already warming up

Encouraging the spirit of innovation & entrepreneurship, metro cities in India are organizing startup events for all those young dreamers & change makers to help them accelerate the growth of their new ventures.

Popular events include Startup Launchpad that organizes 1-2 day festivals in many cities including New Delhi, Bengaluru & Hyderabad.

The inaugural edition of Mumbai Startup Fest to take place in February is also looking to attract participants from all over the country.

Startup Launchpad – New Delhi

startup launchpad

This 2-day fest will take place on January 16-17. It will focus on structured startup growth, through a series of workshops & mentorship sessions by experts. The event is being organized by India-based non-profit Weekend Ventures. Google for Entrepreneurs is its principal sponsor.

Experts founders of new ventures to create & shape the products with customer centric approach, along with creating an high impact pitch to be delivered to investor panel during ‘Demo Hours’. Over the course of the event, attendees will meet over 10 experts & founders & a few early stage tech investors. They also stand the chance to earn US $500 in Cloud credits from Amazon Web Services & Cloudrino.net & Free User Lifecycle Management Service for App from AppIe.Early stage (< 18 months old) teams in idea-stage, prototype-stage & early traction-stage can participate in the Startup Launchpad.

Startup Launchpad has already taken place in Pune, Hyderabad & Chennai. It will be held on January 23-14 in Bengaluru & on January 30-31 last year in Mumbai.

For more details of the event in New Delhi or other cities, check here. You may buy tickets for the upcoming event in New Delhi here.

Mumbai Startup Fest

startup fest

Organised by Mumbai-based Navayuvak Entrepreneurs, this event aims at gathering, encouraging & mentoring young entrepreneurs to make Mumbai the top startup city by 2020.

The 1-day fest will see a participation from scores of students from colleges across the city. It is slated to take place on February 6 this year.

The fest will have workshops & sessions including a bootcamp – Mumbai Global – a live pitching event where early-stage startups will present their ventures to a diverse audience of their peers, mentors, educators, advisors & investors. It will be streamed ‘live’ for enthusiasts & investors globally.

Top 50 start ups will be featured on Navayuvak Entrepreneurs’ YouTube channel.

While top 25 startups have been invited to Mumbai before the event, 10 finalists will get the opportunity to make a ‘Final Pitch’ at the fest. A panel discussion on ‘Fund Management for Startups’ will revolve around the current scenario in the entrepreneurship ecosystem & the challenges the startups face with fund management.

A workshop on the Internet of Things is also a part of the fest. Participants of this workshop will be introduced to several concepts related to IoT – including its domains & impact in the future market. They will also be introduced to FLIP, an open source IoT platform, where they get hands on experience with FLIP in to any selected IoT domain.

More details about the fest & tickets can be found here.

In more news…..1 of India’s 1st seed investment & innovation platform Venture Catalysts (VCats) was scheduled to announce its Mumbai facility on Jan 16 this year. The company said in a press statement that VCats focussed on offering the most comprehensive solutions for the success of new ventures through its “unique, innovation-driven platform” that provided them access to the company’s vast angel network, venture fund, co-working facility & its invaluable post-investment support and strategic counsel.

In order to provide comprehensive single-point start-up solutions, Venture Catalysts incorporated various verticals such as startups, mentors, seed & angel investors, venture capital & private equity, investment banking services, co-working space, accelerators/incubators, OEMS/vendors, technology enablers, co-founders & technologists, business coaching with specialised domain expertise, startup events & media, researchers & exposure to tech/business/financial audit & connections to enhance business. VCats said it would also be introducing a new breed of angel investors called Catalysts, who will enable investments & investors.

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