How to delete your YouTube history once & for all

This article has been re-published with permission of MakeUseOf.

By: Ben Stegner

YouTube is a fantastic resource for everything from learning to getting a few laughs. If you’ve used YouTube for any length of time you’ve likely amassed hundreds of videos in your watch history. Here’s how to remove them all.

Log into YouTube if you aren’t already, then head to your Watch history page. You’ll see two buttons at the top – Clear all watch history will permanently clear the entire list. You can also click the individual X icons on each video to remove them, but this will take forever and is better suited to clearing a once-off guilty pleasure viewing than dozens of items.

After you’re cleared all history, use the other button, Pause watch history, to keep YouTube from re-creating this list in the future. Together, these two buttons let you erase everything you’ve watched from the beginning of time and stop it from being recorded in the future.

Switching to the Search History tab at the top of the page is also worth a visit, as here you can perform the same actions with your searches. For maximum privacy, remove all of your past searches and keep YouTube from remembering any more. This might cause your searches to take a bit more time, so the convenience trade-off is up to you.

YouTube activity is just a slice of what Google knows about you; be sure to review your account’s privacy settings to see what you’re sharing.




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