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Smartphone app development can be a daunting task for people with little coding knowledge. Firstly, finding a good developer & designer itself is a difficult proposition. Secondly, application development is expensive & can put a huge dent in one’s pocket. Lastly, there are some agencies that market application development at suspiciously low rates. These low rates usually apply only to rudimentary application & more often than not, the prices are jacked up for the development of a quality application.

Building an application on Google Play Store has numerous advantages. One can use the platform to build awareness, for brand development or just to make a few extra bucks. However, with application development having numerous hurdles, many people can find the entire task futile. ‘Makeroid’ then comes as a blessing to those who feel this way. The application requires minimal coding knowledge, meaning that even a high school student can build an application using the Makeroid platform.

The platform has a lot of features that make it easy to use & address many of the concerns of a first-time application developer. Firstly, the platform is a Cloud based tool. This means that there is no requirement of downloading the software. The plug & play approach allows for 1 to start with developing the application after signing in. Secondly, the application already has integrated within it the option of in-app purchases. For anyone who offers services, the in app purchases are a steady source of revenue. Thirdly, there are often times when timely notifications to the app user can help build the right opinion about an application. With Makeroid, this is an inbuilt feature that allows push notifications to work in the background. i.e, the push notifications are sent even if the application is closed. Lastly, the makers of the application have taken into account that design work isn’t the forte of every individual. The Makeroid platforms allow 1 to receive the latest app design templates from Google. However, it must be stressed that only those who run Android Jellybean or higher can exploit this feature.

The developers of Makeroid are open to suggestion as it is only through user input that they can provide the necessary tweaks to the platform. They have an active community that is constantly providing input on how the platform can be improved. Their twitter handle is active & transparent giving the Makeroid community the chance to make their voices heard.

Makeroid is brought to you by ‘App Inventor’. App Inventor is an initiative by the esteemed faculty at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The educational initiative has set up an environment that is conducive to helping people build their own applications. Its visual & block based approach minimizes the emphasis on coding thereby reducing the delivery time of developing an application. There are many shining examples of the initiative paying off. A girl from the 10th grade in India developed an app to coordinate relief work during a flood that had ravaged her city. In Nigeria, a handful of teenage girls created an app to help the police catch lawbreakers. Makeroid has incorporated the same approach.


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Image Credit: Makeroid

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