Under the hood of the Opera GX – e-Why, What & How

Opera’s recently released “Opera GX” is being advertised as the world’s 1st gaming browser.

This desktop browser built for Windows PCs, features gaming inspired theme & additional functions that have been that have been customized to appeal to gamers.

Despite the reputation Opera is trying to build around this new browser version, it seems more like a browser built for “gamers” rather than a browser for gaming per se.

The “GX control” feature makes it possible for users to control & restrict how much RAM & CPU the browser can use. This can indeed boost performance to some extent since many regular browsers have been known to be overly resource-intensive.

Apart from being able to set limits this way, the “GX control panel” will also display how much CPU & RAM the browser is using at any particular time.

Opera GX, which is based on Chromium open-source project, also has some additional gaming-focused features. One that stands out is the dark theme with brightly colored highlights which gives the browser a really game-like feel.

The highlight colors are customizable as well & you can even change the wallpaper if you want to. It also integrates with the Razer Chroma theme as well.

When you open a new tab screen on this browser it displays gaming related deals & the latest news. Just like the standard Opera version, this particular browser features a sidebar for quick access to various options & settings.

This side panel also includes in-built Twitch integration. From here you can browse your favorite Twitch channels, or watch live streaming video. The browser also has built in notification feature that lets you know when a streamer you are following is about to go ‘live’.

Opera GX also plays sound effects when you hover over the icons on the speed dial page. The sound effects were composed in collaboration with Ruben Rincon & the award-winning band Berlinist that worked on the original soundtrack of the Gris game.

The new browser isn’t without the basic features of the regular opera Browser such as VPN service, ad blocker, chat services & so on. Of course, the limiter is the main stand-out feature here but you might also find the the improved aesthetics & the built-in gaming integration appealing as well.


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