Translate your design into code easily with ‘Yotako’ – #Startups

Every innovative invention begins with a design. You can now seamlessly convert your designs into smartphone apps or Websites in just a few clicks thanks to ‘Yotako’. The latter is an advanced tool which allows you to use your preferred professional design tool like Adobe XD, Sketch, Photoshop or Balsamiq to begin your design, then allows you to import those design files, which can then be used to help you develop your design into code. Alternatively, you can draw directly using the Freehand canvas on the platform & convert your design directly Online.

This platform support XD files imported from AdobeXD, Adobe Photoshop PSD files & wireframes from Balsamiq which you can import to produce top quality professional mobile & web apps from with just a few clicks in just a couple of minutes.

But what you might find most innovative about Yotako is its freehand canvas which makes it possible for you to make use of Yotako even without prior knowledge of Adobe XD or the other tools earlier mentioned. You can take advantage of the Yotako’s freehand to code technology to create buttons, text fields & other elements of your Website or mobile app.

Check out this video:

Yotako supports HTML/ CSS, iOS Swift, iOS objective C, & Android studio for building & customizing your apps & Web pages without the need for so much knowledge & experience with these codes. It helps you cut time otherwise spent on compiling or deploying code & instead shows a deployed version of the code line in real time as you work.

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