Animate your Website in real time. Just use ‘Spiritapp’ – New app

There are various types of animations on the Web with multiple uses. The latter includes advertising such as in banner ads which mostly consist of simple HTML coding. Formats available are GIFs, PNGs & JPEGs. There are also animated interface element animations & these let users interact with them. These are usually found on buttons that have a drop-down menu or on smartphones.

Additionally, there are linear animations. These are animations that people can watch. The list doesn’t end there with others such as interactive, promotion & instruction animations. As such developers & designers may find themselves having to create them in the course of the job. Normally the process is complicated & requires a lot of coding knowledge but Spirit is looking to make things easier.

The app uses a timeline editor whereby the user will launch the Spirit studio & connect it to their Webpage. The changes they make to the editor will be simultaneously visible on their Websites. This gives the user a real time view of progress & makes it easier to correct mistakes as they happen.

The app runs on the GPU of a computer thereby making sure that its use will be as smooth as possible. An additional feature is one that allows the user to import & export animations as they see fit. This makes it easier to share their creations with others.

Interestingly a user can choose one of two coding languages that they would want to use on the platform. These are the HTML & SVG languages. Currently, the Spiritapp platform is only available as a desktop app for Mac. The company plans to launch the Windows & Linux versions sometime in the future though they haven’t specified when.

Users of the platform can also suggest changes & even new features that they would like to see on Spirit. The company will take suggestions under advisement as they move on since they are still relatively new.

Spirit has one pricing plan with options to bill monthly, quarterly or annually.


– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review – 



Image Credit: Spirit

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