‘Pictogon’ helps create interactive image maps in minutes

Creating links, icons & other information embedded within an image can be a big help when it comes to getting your product’s point across. With ‘Pictogon’ you can do things like capturing an image from Google Maps to offer links in different regions & specify details for each area, for example, or show a photo & highlight details of it with related content above the captured image.

The possibilities of this kind of image presentation are endless, which is why image maps have been very popular on the Web for ages. Before counting with this tool, we had to manually create regions, coding events with HTML in each region, & then send the visitor to a Site depending on which area was selected by the user.

Now it’s much easier to create a map of this type by using Pictogon. It’s a Web app in which you 1st upload the image that you want to treat. Once the image is on screen, you can delineate each region, create events & put links or information that will appear when clicking or pressing on the area or when doing a mouseover. You can include different types of icons with events that can be configured associated to each one of them.

The tool also offers a number of ways to facilitate the configuration of an image map. You can obtain the code in the form of an .svg file, which is generated by the tool, that you can embed in your Webpage, although you’ll have to register on the Pictogon Site to obtain it, by pressing the embed button on the bottom right hand corner of the editor.

The tool is simple and fast, & free for 3 image maps. On the Pictogon product Website you can take a look at several examples of what can be done, without needing to be sign up to try them out.

Pictogon is a Romanian-based startup that has just released this product as a web service. Although you only get to save 3 images for free, you can get a referral link & earn additional free images. If you subscribe, you’ll get unlimited image saves starting at US $4/month.

– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review –
Image Credit: Pictogon

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