’KickAppBuilder’ helps you build apps without coding – #Startups

This Software as a Service (SaaS) platform lets you develop mobile apps using a drag & drop interface, & does not require you to have any coding skills. It’s aimed at startups, small & medium sized companies & agencies, & integrates with popular platforms like Authorize.Net & PayPal.

Developing apps for smartphones & Tablets can be difficult & expensive. If you’re involved in any kind of enterprise or project these days, sooner or later, you’ll most likely need one of these apps for marketing or sales.

KickAppBuilder solves this problem for you so you don’t have to hire developers or expensive app agencies. It lets you add features to your mobile apps from an easy to use integrated console, like data storage, user authentication, push notifications, backend logic, Content delivery & analytics dashboards.

It includes a powerful WYSIWYG app editor which syncs with the apps in the Cloud. You can preview the apps directly from the editor prior to distributing changes on any of the supported mobile platforms.

The KickApp platform comes with services that help you scale & manage your app to “hundreds of millions of users, and reach global audiences.” You can include managed capabilities like streaming & search within your app without additional infrastructure.

Some of the more important features of the KickAppBuilder service include:

  • App services: Check-in, geo-location, payment services, search, menus, shopping carts, image galleries, RSS
  • Simple to use Content Management Service (CMS) for app maintenance without needing to code
  • Multi platform builds for your app: iOS, Android & Web app
  • Capability of sending push notifications to individual users or groups
  • App usage analytics
  • Support for app monetization via integrated ad networks: Pollfish, DFP, iAd, RevMob & AdMob
  • Support for on the fly app content sync, & for changing the app’s look & feel

A range of tools are also available for encouraging your customers to “interact and share experiences using your apps” & reward them for their loyalty via customer engagement with in-app chat. This will help foster loyalty & brand growth.

KickAppBuilder is a paid service based in Seattle, Washington, USA & is focused on facilitating & simplifying mobile app creation for businesses.  

– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review – 
Image Credit: KickAppBuilder

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