Creative app from the maker of Vine launched in private beta

The man who created the short video app Vine Dom Hoffman is at it again. His next project, a mobile app called Byte has just been launched in private Beta.

Vine, for those who did not know, was bought over by Twitter for US $30 million even before it left the beta stage. Hofmann’s Byte is computer software shrunk to fit a smartphone, hence the name. According to a report in The Verge, as of now, it is an iOS app, with an Android version coming later this year.

Byte is a creative tool & social network rolled in 1 + more. It’s heart is familiar to that of Vine or even Instagram. Users can create a feed of creations, an activity feed, among others. The creation tool is to be found at the center of the bottom row of buttons when you open the app. Tap it to discover a gradient of colors. Tap again & a staircase of buttons pops up. On the bottom right, there’s a camera you can use to take images to insert them into your “creation”. There are more tools for adding text or even drawing with your finger.

Byte also has another useful tool — an app launcher that lets users pull a variety of images, text, & memes into your Bytes. There’s an app Trendy that pulls in news headlines. Another is Drizzy that throws up quotes & images, & of course the customary weather app.

Whatever you do on Byte, you can share on Instagram, Vine, whatever, on the Web.

So if you want to grab your invite, head here.

Image Credit: Byte




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