‘AT-UI’ helps front-end developers come up with fast & powerful Web interfaces

With this free & open source modular front-end UI framework, developers can develop Web interfaces on the Vue.js progressive JavaScrip framework. It comes with a friendly, easy to use API & is CSS style independent, so you can make consistent user interfaces.

AT-UI is based on Vue, which if you already know HTML, CSS & JavaScript is fast, scalable, very easy to use & you can get started immediately. The framework uses a standard industry workflow: the NPM JavaScript package manager, together with the Webpack module bundler & Bable JavaScript compiler. AT-UI also has support for ES2015 which introduces important cutting edge improvements to JavaScript.

Since the framework is CSS style independent, consistent UI’s can be developed & established throughout your front-end. The design guidelines provided suggest & facilitate a unified color matching scheme that helps improve brand recognition.

AT-UI was developed by Shenzhen, China-based AOTU Labs, with a Blue brand color, so the frameworks promotes the blue scheme & a derivative scheme of Material Design-based auxiliary & secondary colors.

You can stroll through the provided component demos as you do through Vue.js & check out possible interaction details, with free access to components. With the availability of design resources, project managers can make prototypes & make design decisions in a simpler & more efficient manner. This will save time & improve the efficiency of workflows.

The AT-UI framework is reminiscent of frameworks like Ant Design for React & Bulma for Vue.js, which also promote ease in UI design & help front-end developers’ increase their productivity, while enhancing creativity & design consistency. These frameworks come with practical & reusable components that take much of the complexity out of developing large UI projects.

AT-UI is being developed under a free open source MIT license & is available for free here on GitHub.

Image Credit: AT-UI

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