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According to a recent survey, the average number of business related emails sent & received was a whopping 121 million, & it will only increase in the years to come. This often affects efficiency as many complain of wasting time reading irrelevant messages in a bid to not miss important emails.

Enter ‘Knowmail’, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) messaging engine that claims to provide an “intelligent view” of your Inbox, consisting of ‘state of mind’ filters to automatically prioritize emails, along with an easy to use sorting system. It employs machine-based learning algorithms to provide mental-state-base prioritization of your emails.

Once you register on Knowmail, it asks for your corporate email address (does not work on personal email accounts like name.surname@gmail.com, for instance) & starts by working in the background integrating into the existing email apps & learns how you manage your emails, with whom you communicate, which emails you spend more time on & so on.

Following are a few features of Knowmail that can come in handy while you wade through a sea of emails:

State-of-Mind Filters

You can sort your filters based on your status including “on-the-run” which will only show you most important email, “sitting down” which will show you emails that you can work on when you have more time or just “show all”. It will also give you an approximation of time you would take to read & act on the entire list of unread messages in your Inbox.

Priority-Based Conversations

Based on the importance of conversations & your responding pattern, Knowmail will learn your contacts & habits & will prioritize emails for increased effectiveness.

Next Best Action

You can mark messages as “done”, “later”, “mute” or just move an entire conversation to another appropriate folder.

Other features like Conversation Smart Summary, Personal Insights & Messaging Search Engine will help reduce your time spent on reading & responding to emails. There’s also the auto-complete email search engine that helps you find exactly what you are looking for instead of having to dig through hundreds & thousands of emails

Knowmail is currently focusing on corporate employees & Microsoft Outlook users. It is available on request by individual users & can be downloaded on your iOS device & will soon be available on Android, too.

Founded by Haim Senior, CEO, Oded Avitel,COO & Avi Mandelberg, CTO, Knowmail(https://www.knowmail.me/) was created in early 2014 in Israel. The company has, however, relocated to Boston, United States with an intent to grow its team locally.


– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. – 

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