Rename subject of received emails with ‘Rename Email’

Most of the times we receive emails with subject lines that are unclear or even confusing. ‘Rename Email’, a Chrome extension for Gmail allows you to change the subject line of any email that you have received, easily.

With this extension, you can label your email well in order to even make future searches of your mail Inbox easier.

Rename Email will help you keep your emails organized with renamed subject headlines. Besides, the changes remain only on your side, meaning the sender of your email will not know you’ve changed the subject line. With Rename Email, you can also break up a long conversation thread. You just need to change the name of the email subject in any part of the thread to break the conversation.

How to Rename Email from your Gmail

The Rename Email extension allows you to rename the emails without the need to leave Gmail. After installing the extension, a pencil icon will appear on your Gmail page. To rename your email, you just click on the pencil icon located on the upper toolbar. This allows you to give your email a new subject line which will be automatically updated.

The tool is free & unlimited to anyone using Gmail. Rename Email can come in handy for inbound support as well as sales emails. Most noteworthy, once you change your email subject, it will not revert to the original subject line.

The developers claim that they use Google’s APIs which help in return helps you to group conversations within the same thread by breaking up the thread.

Rename Email was developed under CloudHQ whose headquarters are in San Francisco, USA.

Click here to download Rename Email on Chrome Web Store.

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