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The company’s Website claims that you can have access to the top 5%, the world’s most elite software engineers, to build your next app at a moment’s notice. It aims to connect startups & entrepreneurs with a veritable dream-team of developers.

They say that Koders are like “the Navy SEALs of software and are assigned to work on your product based on the skills needed. They consist of everyone from iOS prodigies working full-time to top developers that work for Google, Facebook and other top companies during the day.” In fact, all of their engineers are based in Silicon Valley or the Los Angeles area.

‘Koder’ can provide you with Product Managers & Innovators who are California-based, saying “there’s something magical in the air in California. Koder brings a Product Manager to your team to ensure an amazing product is built the first time.”

The company can also provide other key personnel profiles for your next software project:

  • Designers & usability experts – To help build user interfaces from idea to wireframe & prototype
  • CTO – To oversee product development, define tasks, select & assign developers & perform code reviews
  • QA testing & weekly user demos & feedback sessions, plus the use of private Git repositories

Koder works on a subscription model, with which you don’t need to make heavy upfront commitments or sign lengthy contracts. You choose a monthly subscription plan that fits what you’d like to build and share your vision and goals for the product. The company claims to work closely with you early on to define blueprints and the quickest path to launching a beta version (or version 1.0).

For now you can obtain a free trial for 7 days, but you’ll need to keep checking their pricing page (or contact them), as at the time of writing it’s showing: “Subscription pricing info coming soon”.

The company is led by CEO & “Chief Koder”, Elmer Morales, a long-time Accenture consultant, & is based in Irvine, California, US. They currently count with over 101 “Koders”, & have developed 163+ apps.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –
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