Here’s how to send a pvt message to your email bcc recipient – New app

We are all familiar with the cc & bcc (blind carbon copy) in emails. If one wants to hide a particular recipient of an email, he can do so via a bcc. A concept that has evolved from hardcopy sharing of files to something that is available in most email apps. What if one can exploit the bcc feature to “murmur” an extra set of details to a particular set of individuals? For some, this would prove extremely useful.

The technology itself exist & goes by the name ‘Murmure’. It currently is a Google Chrome extension, & also only works with the Gmail email app.

This Product of ISAAC INDUSTRIES is actually quite simple to use once it’s been downloaded off the Chrome Store. Users just need to add their bcc recipient write their private correspondence, & voila, they can comfortably send their email. Unless the bcc recipient shows that extra bit of communication to someone else the process is completely secure with only the intended parties getting the message.

In terms of how much the user will have to pay in order to use this tool, there are currently 2 pricing models. One is a free plan with limited capabilities in a single day while the other plan is charged monthly & has unlimited “murmuring” capabilities. ISAAC INDUSTRIES is based in Paris, France.


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Image Credit: Murmure

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