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Gametionary was launched late last month (in alpha) as a gaming discovery & recommendation platform.

The platform seeks to help the 1.2 billion gamers worldwide find their perfect game & help developers find their perfect user.

The way that Gametionary works is pretty simple – You register & start rating your favorite games. Once you do this, you will in turn start getting recommendations about games that you might like.

You can search for games based on tags, the platform, the age range the game targets, the game mode, publisher, developer, etc. You can also add a game & have it recommended to users who might be interested in it.

Gametionary started off as a way for gamers to rate the games they play, which in turn would help others discover & judge these games based on the recommendations. The feature of letting users add games to their database was tacked on later, & this will obviously help them get a lot more games listed & rated than they can do themselves.

Like we said earlier, the platform is currently in alpha, & the developers say that more features to be added in future will be voted on by users, & also that the user profiles will include a rewarding achievement & leveling up system.

In their own words, they say that Gametionary is “the answer the community has been screaming for – a recommendation engine that works, an unbiased platform that cares for the little guy & a link to find that game that would otherwise be unreachable.“

They say they want to remove the concept of ‘discount season’ where a developer must heavily discount their game just to get sales.

The South Dublin, Ireland-based Gametionary was founded by Cathal O’Sullivan & Keith O’Malley. Cathal is the company’s CEO & Keith is the CTO.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –
Image Credit: Gametionary
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