Create ‘Trailer’ for apps, boost your marketing – New app

Do you believe a professional-looking promotion video has better chances of translating your product into sales than a photo advertorial? If yes, then ‘Trailer’ app claims to provide powerful video marketing tools to help your apps stand out from the rest. The platform offers services for both, developers as well as marketers.

The app is only available to macOS users, but app-makers can effectively use it to create videos for any other platform be it Android, iOS & even for Web apps. With the Trailer app in hand, it is possible to record a video on the user’s iOS device or even from their mac screen. Furthermore, the user gets to see a live preview, even as they are recording the video.

Design This
Currently, the app has about 8 templates that app-makers can choose from. This feature is, however, available only for iOS devices. The user can toggle between the templates to catch a preview of how the video will appear once it is created.

Create Your Own Templates
This video creation platform also provides tools for the user to custom-make templates & also distribute them. So, if you have a creative layout in mind, you can not only create it but also edit it with the help of the app’s inbuilt editor. This feature also makes it easier to create videos for the Android platform. Here, you can create a template after importing an image mockup of different file formats.

The Long & The Short Of It
The app notifies the maker if their video is too long or too short. Now, since the app was built with social media marketing in mind, the app-makers can share it across various platforms without worrying about the length of the video.

Share It Away
Moreover, Trailer supports batch exporting so a user can share the video on multiple sites at the push of a button.

The Croatia-based platform is free to use. However, videos created using this platform will have the app’s watermark on them. If the app-maker wants to remove the watermark, then they will need to pay the annual fee.


– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review – 


Image Credit: Trailer

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