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Perhaps one of the most important aspects of business for any company is customer service. Companies usually need a whole department to deal with customer relationship management. While probably worth it usually ends up being a fairly expensive affair. Depending on the size of the company the number of customer care representatives needed may vary from small to large.

These individuals pick up calls & reply to messages & emails. More recently, ‘live’ chat seems more popular where according to 92% of people who have used it are satisfied with the medium. So is there a way to make this more efficient & maybe even cheaper?

The AgentAI platform seems to have found a solution.

The app uses artificial intelligence as a method to give live chat support to customers. As a result, the platform can handle a large number of customers simultaneously which is something that most employees won’t be able to do. The platform is meant to work alongside customer care staff & make their work easier.

AgentAI consists of 3 working modes. That is the training mode, co-pilot mode & lastly auto-pilot mode. In training mode, it will use Machine Learning & natural language processing (NLP) to learn from uploaded FAQs & by observing customer care agents on the job. When in the co-pilot mode the app will suggest & recommend answers that the agent should use to respond to a customer’s query. The responses will also be refined over time as the AI learns even more.

In autopilot mode, AgentAI takes full control of customer service. This means that it will respond to a lot of the more common questions asked of it. Given that a scenario is bound to occur where the AI doesn’t fully understand a particular question, there is a contingency plan. The question will then be pushed to an available expert agent.

Consequently, customer service will be available on a 24-hour scale. This might also help a lot of companies save on staff as the number of agents needed will be drastically reduced.

The team responsible for AgentAI consists of several individuals. Among them are Fred Hsu who is the CEO. He currently lives in San Francisco California & is both an investor & founder of a few other companies.

The platform was first launched in late 2016 with its base in Mountain View, California, USA. However, its headquarters are currently in Tucson with its other offices in London & in Mountain View as mentioned before. Companies that wish to use it will, of course, have to pay for AgentAI’s services.


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Image Credit: AgentAI

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