5 popular note taking apps – e-Why, What & How

popular note taking apps

Engin_Akyurt / Pixabay

Let’s face it; you simply cannot store every piece of information in your head. There are so many things to keep up with every day. Writing things down is a simple way to stay organized. The main idea of using a note-taking app is simplicity & ease of use. But having some extra feature isn’t a bad idea as well.

So, whether you need something to pen down your grocery list or to take notes during a business meeting, here are 5 popular note taking apps you may try out.

Microsoft OneNote

If you are looking for an elegant & simple but full-featured note-taking app, then OneNote is just the thing for you.  Its simple interface is designed to mimic paper. You can add new notes to any section of the page you want to rather than following the linear arrangement of the cursor.

Your notes on OneNote are organized into notebooks, tabs, & sections which make it easy to find whatever you need. It also supports audio, images, sketches & other forms of input & integrates quite well with other apps. You can further expand its functionalities with Zapier. It is free to use with no feature limitations & works across platforms.


Evernote has been around for quite a while, & remains a leading note-taking tool among its peers. With Evernote, you get a wide variety of input options including text, images, audio, Web page clippings, & so on. There are also impressive tools for keeping your notes organized & easily accessible.

Its search option is quite advanced & you can go as far as finding images by searching for text within the image. It also works across all platforms & integrates neatly with other tools too. Like OneNote, you can add more integrations using Zapier. There is a free plan that gives users 60MB storage space per month with some limitations in certain features. Premium users have to pay $7.99/month for full access to all Evernote features including unlimited syncing across all their devices.


While many people love their note-taking apps with a lot of extra features, some people prefer simplicity. Simplenote is true to its name in terms of simplicity & ease of use. It works best for those who don’t need anything other than simple text note taking.

Thanks to its straight-to-the-point clutter-free interface, you can create & edit notes without stress. There is no image uploads, extra file attachments, image uploads, & other extra feature. Instead, Simplenote makes up for this with quick search functionality & unlimited storage space. You can also sync your notes & keep them organized using tags. The app works on every major platform & runs on any browser too & all its features are available for free.

Zoho Notebook

This is another note taking app that gives you quite an impressive array of features & options. One of the best things about this app is that it is that all its features free of charge on all major platforms. Zoho Notebooks organizes your notes into notebooks. You can add notes to each notebook in form of text, images, clips from web pages & so on & add an image cover to make it easy to find a notebook.

Your Zoho notes can also be locked for privacy & you can add reminders with date & time to each one. Users get pretty reliable syncing & unlimited storage space with a maximum file upload limit of 50MB at once which is usually more than sufficient.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a relatively new addition to the note-taking app space. It allows you to capture information quickly & you find them without stress. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to move your notes & pin them in different ways. You also get a long text preview of each note which further makes it figure things out. There are also plenty of brushes & color options for those who like to doddle. Google Keep also supports voice & photo notes as well as checklists.

However, the app doesn’t use tags to organize notes which might make it a bit difficult to find your notes at time.  There’s a Google Keep app available for Android device. There is also a web app & a add-on for Chrome browsers. Google keep syncs with your Google account & all your notes are stored on Drive.