‘WPScout’ claims it can fix your WordPress Site issues for a price

wordpress glitch

Sometimes your WordPress (WP) Site will throw up a glitch, & you may end up pulling your hair out trying to get it fixed. The experts at WPScout claim that their service can get your Site up & running without breaking the bank.

WP is a leader in Content Management Systems (CMS). It’s highly customizable, with an extensive plugin architecture & template system. But therein also lies one of its major flaws as a platform: the complexity involved in finding a fix when something goes wrong.

Often, after a little tweaking, & maybe with the help of your hosting provider, help forums or from a nerdy friend, you’ll be able to find the culprit. It could be a glitch or misconfigured theme or plugin, a faulty PHP script or a server issue. When things really get out of hand, however, you need professional help. This can get very expensive & finding responsive & affordable tech help can be a nightmare.

WPScout purports to be the answer to this problem by providing an inexpensive service to solve your site’s WordPress-related problems. If you put your WordPress tech issues in their hands, WPScout claims to be able to solve any issue, like WP login problems, code errors, security & style issues, etc.

The Company can also provide 24/7 online support if requested & will interface with you via Skype. For a fee of US $39, the firm says you’ll get a quick response from their WordPress experts & multiple issues will be solved to get your site back up & running.

According to their site, WPScout’s simple methodology is for the customer to:

1. Tell us about the issue

2. We do the magic work

3. See amazing results


– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review. – 

Image Credit: WPScout


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