Weld offers mobile & Web app building tool with free domain


Weld is a platform which you can use as a mobile & Web app or Website building tool which you can use without having to know anything about coding or Website development.

Most platforms require either an experienced Website developer to create interactive Sites, or are themed content management systems like WordPress where you can just pick a standard template & preferred settings in order to get started with a simple Website where no coding is required.

Weld, on the other hand, takes a middle of the road approach. Using microservices built using technologies such as Node.js, Angular.js, Websockets and MongoDB, Weld gives you access to a visual tool where you control both the design elements as well as the interactivity. In their own words, “you can change anything in your design. You’re never tied to a template, & anything can be modified.”

It’s also mobile-friendly, & you can customize your design for devices ranging from small smartwatches to smartphones & even smart TV sets.

Standout features include the fact that Weld is free to use, & they’ll even give you a free domain (as long as you display the Weld logo on your website or app). Premium upgrades such as your own .Com domain & password-protection can be availed of on Weld by paying US$3-9 per month.

They’re also working on allowing developers to create their own custom objects on the platform, which Weld users can then simply drag-n-drop into their app or Website.

Stockholm, Sweden-based Weld was founded in Dec 2013 by Tom Söderlund & Henric Malmberg. Tom is the company’s CEO & Henric is the CTO. Weld has raised funding from angel investors, in addition to Vinnova grants & a loan from Almi Företagspartner.

- This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. -
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