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Milan, July 28, 2015, PRNewswire: An important agreement has been signed between WeChat Italy, the first European branch of the number one App in the Far East (www.wechat.com) and ChatSim, the first “Instant Messaging Mobile Operator ” in the world (www.chatsim.com), to join forces in spreading the advantages of Instant Messaging.

An agreement concluded currently for the European market, but conceived with the ambitious goal of making Instant Messaging services more accessible around the planet and to win new market segments. Starting from Europe. The deal between WeChat and ChatSim is the first collaboration in the world between an Instant Messaging App and an Instant Messaging Operator, an absolute first on the mobile communications scene.

ChatSim is continuing its unstoppable rise and making the news: this time by linking its name to that of WeChat! (PRNewsFoto/ChatSim)

ChatSim is continuing its unstoppable rise and making the news: this time by linking its name to that of WeChat! (PRNewsFoto/ChatSim)

ChatSim is continuing its unstoppable rise and making the news: this time by linking its name to that of WeChat, the social App – founded in 2011 by the Chinese company Tencent – which has recorded the fastest growth rate in the world with over 550 million active users. WeChat is an application that is available for all major mobile platforms (Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone operating systems) and in many languages, including Italian. The App, queen of the Far East, makes it possible to share and play in a fun and dynamic way, offering an interactive experience with security settings customizable according to the needs of each user. But WeChat is much more than an App. It is a powerful mobile platform with an incredible range of content and services, recognized around the world as the most advanced in terms of technology and also the safest in terms of privacy.

For its part, ChatSim is the first SIM in the world to exchange messages through Instant Messaging Apps. It lets you chat for free, anywhere and with no limits, even without Wi-Fi using Instant Messaging Apps.

This deal comes after the great success of ChatSim at the Mobile World Congress in ShanghaiAsia’s largest trade fair in the mobile industry (July 15-17, 2015) – where it held the world premiere of ChatSim World, the world’s most advanced SIM card, thanks to its compatibility with 4G networks for the exchange of multimedia messages at high speed.

As Andrea Ghizzoni, Country Director of WeChat Italy, explains: “The partnership with ChatSim is a great opportunity for us to offer a new tool to our users and to promote, together with the first Instant Messaging Mobile Operator in the world, the advantages of Instant Messaging.”

What are the advantages of the WeChat-ChatSim agreement?
The most important highlight concerns precisely the communication campaign that the two companies will launch – through different social channels, from the WeChat platform to the ChatSim blog – to promote the incredible benefits that users will have by using the Instant Messaging services of WeChat together with ChatSim.

Some of advantages that ChatSim users can have using WeChat are:

  • ID: with WeChat there is no need to exchange your phone number to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances. All you need is your ID or QRcode!
  • Stickers: WeChat offers a gallery of free stickers, even animated, that you can use when chatting with your friends.





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