TUNS: Twitter tool for unfollow notifications & follower tracking

TUNS, short for ‘Twitter Unfollower Notification Service’, provides a Twitter tool that allows you to keep track of your unfollowers.

It’s very simple & clean. Any time someone unfollows you on Twitter, it will send you a notification email. There is also a page where you can see a list of your unfollowers. If a follower who has unfollowed you then follows you again, you will get a notification for that, too.

To get using this, you will need to give the app certain permissions on your Twitter account, including reading tweets from your timeline & seeing who you follow.

There’s no dearth of Twitter tools & services that help you track your followers, & there are quite a few that do provide unfollow notifications. Some will even allow you to batch unfollow your most recent lot of unfollowers.

Crowdfire, formerly JustUnfollow, now provides social analytics for Twitter & Instagram. There’s also Unfollowers.com, which is also free & works on both Twitter & Instagram, & has a huge base of users.

TUNS still received a nice opening launch bump with hundreds of users signing up after being listed on Product Hunt. The service has already sent out thousands of unfollow notifications to users.

Not to mention the fact that it’s free & an open-source project, so you can see all the code on Github.

TUNS developer Davide Santangelo, a Web developer based in Italy, said elsewhere that he didn’t mind the competition because he just coded this Twitter tool for fun.

Even though it’s not cheap to maintain this service & have it send out emails to users, Davide is seeking to keep the service free at the moment, & without ads on the Website.

Image Credit: TUNS




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