The bridge between newsletters & advertisers – #Startups

The idea to create this startup ‘pear’ was sparked off by the need to solve the problem of advertisers & email newsletters not connecting with each other, according to co-founder, Andrew Ettinger.


Basically, pear is a platform that helps:

  • Advertisers to find some highly targeted & engaged audiences. The size of your budget doesn’t matter.
  • Content creators to get paid for every effort streamlined in creating various Content that helps the advertisers reach their audience.
  • Help in efforts to promote growth through cross-promotion & sweepstakes.

Pear adopts a different yet simple approach in connecting the email newsletters with advertisers. The Pear database contains direct contact information to the email newsletters actively involved in looking for advertisers & growth opportunities.

For only a small fee, on a monthly basis you get access to the database which is actively growing every single day.

The makers are making a claim that by this year-end, they are aiming to get over 100 million impressions which translates into:

1 impression = 1 subscriber to an onboarded newsletter. You can only imagine what that would mean for a month.

You may be wondering, what if your newsletter category hasn’t been covered in the database? Well, that would mean that you’d be paying but no actual result. According to Csaba Kissi, the co-founder of pear, it is something that they were working on.

On the brighter side, imagine yourself getting 12 million impressions with more than 32% open rate. Looks like a good deal to let it pass, right? Listing your newsletter on this Site is free, for now.

– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review –
Image Credit: pear

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