Publish your digital magazine for mobile, Tablet & Web with ‘Mobissue’

Whether you want to publish mags, catalogs or brochures, this app for Windows & Mac promises to help you create an “outstanding” HTML app experience for readers of your Content. With ‘Mobissue’, your publications will be viewable on mobile, Tablet & desktop platforms like iOS & Android.

You don’t need coding skills to use the app. By just following a few simple steps, you’re on your way:

  1. Quick create – import a PDF & images or choose a ready-made magazine template

  2. Interact & enrich – add text, links, animations, videos from YouTube, music… to pages

  3. Publish – you can publish to the Mobissue Cloud & share anywhere using your smartphone or publish locally & upload & publish your magazines using an FTP client

  4. Share anywhere – Your mag or other type of Content will reach users anywhere they may be regardless of what device they’re using

Mobissue comes with dozens of templates that you can use & 100s of different ‘pre-sets’. You can create sophisticated interactive text outlays, including audio, video, animation & other elements. Your imagination can reign free to craft beautiful mobile experiences & help show off your brand, offers & other Content.

Without being a professional designer or developer, with tools like the editor you can add rich Web Content. It contains the ability to add, in real time, a timeline, animations, among other things. Mobissue claims to be practically future proof & portable to other systems, as it uses HTML5, CSS & JavaScript tech to do its thing.

Other interesting features are its use of an easy-to-use, built-in mobile commerce shopping cart, a secure, intelligent hosting Cloud platform with global reach, an analytics dashboard, export capabilioties for social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn & Google+), data encryption, newsstand embedding…

Mobissue is a Hong Kong, China-based company whose purported mission is:

Writing & designing on the web shouldn’t feel like going to the DMV. Our goal is to enable creative individuals & organizations to produce beautiful & shareable stories for mobile, attract new audiences, & build business around their work—without knowing a line of code.

The app is available for Windows here, & for Mac OS here. There are free & premium versions available. 


- This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review. - 

Image Credit: Mobissue



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