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If you’re looking for a way to spliff up your outdated Web or mobile app design with a modern flat UI, the Now UI Kit could be the answer. It’s a free, responsive Bootstrap 4 kit that is cross-platform & features 52 templates, 35 custom icons & more than 180 UI elements.

Now UI provides a large number of customizable elements. It’s provided in Sketch & PSD formats as well as in HTML. It’s built using a 12 column grid system & its components are designed to fit together perfectly. It uses the flat aesthetic currently en vogue, employing bold colors, beautifully designed typography, clear photography & is uncluttered.

The kit is designed to help you create beautifully designed, life-like prototypes with the InVision platform, so you can show off your planned creations to stakeholders & they can easily provide feedback.

The Now UI Kit is built on the Bootstrap 4 HTML, CSS & JS framework, so you can just import the Kit style over it & start designing. You can access a series of tutorials on YouTube that show the structure for the files inside the Kit’s archive & show how to import them. There’s a description of every component & examples on how to use them.

Now UI is a collaboration of New York, USA-based InVision & Creative Tim. Its available for free & you can get it in GitHub. A “PRO” version is also available, which adds free unlimited upgrades & premium support.

The Now UI Kit PRO personal license costs US $69 & limits you to the creation of a single Web page per client. A developer license is also available for US $279, which allows you to create multiple websites, sell to multiple clients. With the developer license you can also charge customers when used in commercial projects & you can use it in SaaS projects.


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Image Credit: Now UI Kit

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