‘Noiz’, a social media app where you can post anonymously

anonymous social networkThose of you out there who have been posting on social networks but have been trolled or ever got “verbally attacked” by a group for your views, there’s a new smartphone app that promises to keep your profile completely anonymous.

Called ‘Noiz’, this social media app has been developed by a team of 3 – Jelena Popovic, the Android developer, Milan Gnjatovic, the backend developer & Serbian entrepreneur Jovana Miljanovic, who looks after Marketing & Sales. Released on Google Play Store mid-September, Jovana told What’s New On The Net that Noiz gave users the possibility to express themselves freely, talk about things that got them hot & bothered or made them happy, notified others if something interesting was happening, among other things. “There’s always something people want to speak about, but are afraid of other people’s reactions. Being totally anonymous lets you be 100% yourself in the virtual world,” she said.

This new social network allows users to post status messages that are matched with their geo- location. Other users can then see such posts if they search that location in a time you’ve posted. Also, you can add tags in your post so other people could find topics of their interest much easily.

How does Noiz work?

When you open Noiz, it marks your location so it can display  nearby posts. Posting posts is totally anonymous so you can never tell who has posted what. Even those who built Noiz cannot identify users. Says Jovana, “Even though we are able to get your device’s serial id (for security purposes) we are not able to tell who you are, or what is your phone number. Your identity is totally anonymous & there is no possible way to reveal it.”

There’s an iOS app somewhere in the future. Other plans include options to add photos & short videos, reply to posts, upvote & downvote what users like or dislike, among others.

Click here to download Noiz on your Android device.


– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –


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