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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

WordPress(WP) is undoubtedly the CMS Juggernaut of 2017. It corners roughly 60 % of the market share & more than a quarter of the Web runs on WP. However, it lacks visual sophistication, & eloquent ideas are often blunted by this shortcoming.

Elegant Themes give WP the poise which fully accentuate the beauty of a Website. Often, users of WP are drowned in a myriad of plugins & complexities without a sense of direction. Elegant Themes offers 5 plugins that combine to give a Website a flavorful feel. It recently introduced the Monarch social media sharing plugin that accentuates the shareability of content by its stylish uniqueness. In an age where social media drives traffic, the Monarch plugin lives up to its name in rallying viewers towards a particular Website. Another plugin, the Divi Builder is the foundation stone of elegant themes. It allows users to create Sites from scratch with zero coding knowledge. The innovative drag & drop builder allows 1 to dabble with different ideas & create a masterpiece unique to their needs.

Here’s how Monarch works:

With over 87 different themes to choose from, elegant themes’ library provides a rich assortment of ready-made themes for different Sites. From personal blogs to business pages, the diversity of categories that 1 can pick from will have you spoilt for choice. The themes are well-crafted & cater to the specific niche that it was built for. This option is ideal for people who haven’t got the time to build a Website from scratch but prefer to make customizations from within a certain framework. It also helps create guidelines on what an ideal website catering to a specific niche should look like. With all the eighty-seven themes available with no extra charge, elegant themes allows users to derive the maximum benefit by letting them experiment with different themes.

Elegant Themes is the brainchild of Nick Roach who began his endeavor from his college apartment in May 2008.

Image Credit: elegant themes

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