Intercom brings real-time messaging to business apps – #Startup

real-time messaging appIntercom is a messaging platform that can be integrated into Web & mobile apps to allow for real-time messaging with users.

The consumer messaging app sector is well saturated, & then some. But a business messaging platform is a lot more intriguing at this point. The question is whether Intercom offers all the instant messaging features that people want these days when they are communicating. Well, take a look.

Just like chat status notifications, Intercom can detect when users & you are Online so they can start ‘live’ conversations immediately. Also, like IM chats, it shows typing indicators that tell you the other person is typing.

You can also prioritize responses, & let users know when to expect a response if you are unable to reply immediately.

It also has email features like ‘read’ receipts that ensures or at least tells you whether your message has been read. You can even use the platform to resend a message via email if you are unable to reach a customer or get a response with the message.

As would be required for a business to consumer conversation, the entire message thread is saved. That’s not an innovation, but the fact that you can leave a coversation & then seamlessly continue it afterwards on any of your Web & mobile apps is a highly desirable feature.

Their ‘Observe’ package is free. The ‘Learn’ real-time messaging packages for product, marketing & support teams are priced starting from US $49 per month for 250 users, with additional charges for blocks of more users.

It seems that Intercom is trying to bring the club togther the best features of messaging apps with trusted business communication methods like email & phone conversations to provide a new kind of platform that offers the best of both worlds. It seems to be working too, because Intercom already has big customers like Home Depot & Hubspot.

The San Francisco, US-based Intercom was founded in Aug 2011 by Eoghan McCabe, Ciaran Lee, David Barrett & Des Traynor. Eoghan is the company’s CEO & Ciaran is the CTO. Des Traynor is the VP, Customer Success, & David Barrett doubles as an engineer.

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Image Credit: Intercom


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