‘Instagfy’ allows you to make slide-show of your 15 top Instagram photos

instagfyIf you’re an Instagram user you might want to check out this interesting free tool. ‘Instagfy’ is a Web page-based service that allows users to easily share the 15 pictures with the most ‘likes’ for any Instagram account.

To do this you only need to access the project’s Web page & point out the name of the Instagram account you want to analyze, without having to introduce a password. After that, Instagfy creates an animated “gfy” file with the most popular photos in that account. A few seconds after identifying the account, you’ll have the animation with the photos & then you can click on it to view the results.

Instagfy also lets the user share the file in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram by just clicking on the icon for the appropriate social network, although with Instagram an email address must be introduced so the platform can convert the animation to an mp4 file. The file then needs to be uploaded manually to your Instagram account.

It certainly takes a lot of the work & toil out of creating slide-show animations & sharing them on the web & since Instagram has become the most popular photo sharing site on the Web, chances are you & your friends have accounts chock full of pictures that you are already sharing.

Gfy is a relatively new file format which is making headway as a format of choice in community sharing sites like Tumblr & Reddit, in which it is starting to displace the ever popular “gif” format. Gfy works on browsers that support HTML5 video, it is much better quality & takes up much less space than an equivalent gif file. It also comes with embedded video-type controls like fast-forward, stop, pause, etc.

If you just want to make a Gfy file from scratch, based on photos or videos you already have on your device or from a url, you might want to try out GFYcat. This service is similar to instagfy, but is not as focused on Instagram for its source material.

You can try Instagfy out here for free.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –  

Image Credit: Instagfy




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