India’s NASSCOM partners with Facebook to boost Indian startup ecosystem

nasscom10000startupsIndia’s IT trade association body NASSCOM has said it was partnering with social network Facebook scale up India’s startup ecosystem by 10 X.

NASSCOM announced it was introducing the ‘Leaders Building for the Next Billion Program’, aimed at students & developers with the stipulated goal to inspire large-scale innovation for new Internet users by supporting & spotlighting developers who were building innovative apps & mobile Websites.


Developer Leaders Building for the Next Billion

Through an application process, 10 developers who had demonstrated a commitment to build for new-to-Internet populations will be part of a 6-month program where they will be provided with technical, marketing, & financial support, & leadership skills, to build their applications & businesses. They will also be connected to industry leaders (CEOs, thought leaders, VCs, ecosystem evangelists, social change leaders, etc.), funders & the media to bring public attention to their commitment, solutions & impact such that they inspire many other developers to build innovative solutions for new-to-internet users.

Student Leaders Building for the Next Billion

Further, NASSCOM said, through an application process, students will be selected to build mobile application relevant to the next billion & lead engagement with engineers, designers, and other students on campus interested in applying their talent to build mobile applications that were relevant to the next billion.

FB will fund the creation of this track at the NASSCOM 10,000 Start Ups program. Participants will also qualify for US $80,000 worth of support through the FbStart program & additional ad credits to build their business.

Those interested in either of these programs, can fill out this form. Applications are due by Dec 30, 2015.

Image Credit: NASSCOM




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