Check out ‘nvNotes’, an iPhone note-taking app

‘nvNotes’ is a writing app that helps you to easily create & organize notes. The app has a fully fledged writing environment to ensure that you have 100% focus on what you are writing. This note-taking app is inspired by apps such as nvALT, Notational Velocity as well as Writing Pro.

One of the nifty features that makes nvNotes stand out is its ability to allow you to focus on your Content. It comes with various themes – light, dark, sepia, charcoal as well as solarized. In addition, nvNotes has a custom Markdown Keyboard row that allows basic markdown formatting. Well, Markdown is a plain text format which has gained popularity over recent years. The app’s developers have also included a Markdown Preview button. This allows you to easily change between the preview & edit mode.

The app’s Omnibar, inspired by nvALT, ensures that you can easily search & create notes. In addition, it has a word & character count of your note its bottom left corner. Furthermore, by double tapping on this corner you can find out the approximate time you need to read the note.

nvNotes also allows you to use syntax highlighting for the verb, nouns, adverbs & adjectives in your notes. With this, you can fade out everything except the part of speech you choose. Consequently, it will help you to easily locate repetitive words. In addition, its ‘Zed’ mode allows you to fade out everything but your current sentence.

This paid note-taking app also allows you to share your notes via Twitter, email among other social platforms. To sync your content, nvNotes has incorporated Dropbox. Therefore, you can use the app with any other app that also supports Dropbox syncing. nvNotes also supports URL schemes for your notes.

The nvNotes is only available to iOS users. The app requires iOS 10.0 or later in order to be compatible.

This Canadian startup’s developer is Nick Clapp.

Click here to down nvNotes on youriOS device.


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