‘Basket’ is a productivity aid for bookmarking mobile & Web Content


Organizing all of the digital Content a user comes into contact with every day can be a daunting task, especially when using a multitude of devices to access it. Smartphones, Tablets, desktop & laptop browsers – all of them can pose a challenge. This is where ‘Basket’ can come in handy, helping to make the hundreds of URLs that constantly pique your interest more manageable.

Basket app is free & designed to allow a user to save favorite links & to access them from any Android device or Web browser.  It supports the personalization of stored links by categories, colors, notes & tags, to help you better organize your bookmarks & facilitate your searches. The app also provides offline access to Content (bookmarked Web pages) via a sync feature, allowing you to grab blog & other types of articles & read them later at your leisure.

The app also allows you to save embedded links from social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google+, allowing you to easily share them with other users.

The category & tagging features helps you to find bookmarks quickly by allowing you to filter & to search with your saved tags. For example, if you want to save a link related to a Photoshop procedure, you would save it in a ‘design’ category & apply tags such as ‘design’ & ‘touchup’ to it. Later on, you can easily recall this & related links through either the ‘design’ category or any of the tags you’ve used.

When the tags are being introduced, the app also suggests the most appropriate tags to you to help the categorization along.

Basket app was founded in India in 2014 & is expanding to a worldwide audience. The team of founders: Showvhick Nath, Ranit Sanyal & Sandip Das, created this tool to solve a common problem which they were confronting themselves. In an interesting article in another publication from early 2015, Ranit Sanyal explains how the developers initiated their growth strategy, gaining their initial large group of beta users at that time.

A few similar such services are also available, namely:  Pocket, Delicious & Instapaper. Basket can import your bookmarks from these apps as well as from your Chrome & Mozilla browsers. The ultimate aim is to compete with the other apps by expanding on the customization, bettering the aesthetic element & simplifying the App environment.

It is also available as a free add-on on the Chrome Web Store for the Chrome Browser & as a Mozilla Firefox Browser add-on.

The Basket app team also provides a Support Site

Click here to download Basket app on your Android device.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –
Image Credit: Basket
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