How to Advertise With Us

If you like our Website & the thinking behind it, & are now raring to pay us some bucks to help us keep running the show, here’s how you can advertise:

Promoted Posts: You can send us any statement, announcement, product profile, press release & so on, for publication on our Website. Remember, it must be of a property you own, not someone else’s. We will then label it prominently as ‘PP’ & run it for a pre-arranged number of days/weeks/months/years.

Sponsored Posts: You want to put an ad, your logo, your brandmark on a single post or a page or a section you may like (or on multiples) or on the popular ones, send it in & we shall ‘SP’ the said posts/page suitably, again for a pre-arranged number of days/weeks/months/years.

If you have any other proposition do write in to us at administrator (at) & we will see what best can be worked out.

The PPs or any other proposition must be in compliance with this Website’s overall editorial policy.

T & Cs of this Website & T & C of our Advertising policy apply.