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Ciruapp is a Web tool & mobile app that helps you create your own app for creating & keeping track of plans.

Granted that there’s no dearth of calendar & planning apps & social tools that you can use & integrate with collaboration platforms to manage tasks for an entire team. But ciruapp offers you the opportunity to quickly & easily create a custom plan creation & tracking app by simply filling in a form.

You start with the app creation form. You can find it on the ciruapp Website, or download & install the ciruapp application for Android or iOS devices.

You are able to specify everything from the app title & logo to texts & colors, & the language (English or Spanish, for now). You also need to fill in your email address. There’s no need to register or login or do anything else. Simply fill in the data & hit “Create app.”

The link to the newly created planning app will be sent to your email, along with instructions on adding the app to your phone’s home screen. When you open the app for the first time, it will ask you for a security PIN. Once you’re done & it’s installed, you can start using the app to create & manage plans.

You can add plans with dates, descriptions, images & location, & mark them as done (swipe left to set as done, or right to delete). You can reorder them manually or by due date.

If you want to share your planning app with friends & family, simply forward them the email you received, which includes the security PIN. People you share your app with will then be able to collaborate with you on creating & managing plans.

Ciruapp was developed by Madrid, Spain-based web developer Daniel Grijuela. The app is free, & you can create multiple custom apps for different needs, & use each app to create an unlimited number of plans.

Click here to download ciruapp on your iOS device.

Click here to download ciruapp on your Android device.

Visit the ciruapp website to use the Web-based planning app creation tool.


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