Deploying & hosting your Website the modern way just got easier

The process of putting up a Website is relatively complex, to say the least. Among the requirements are domains which allow the Site to be hosted on various servers & this enables it to be accessible on the Internet. Normally these domains do not come by free of charge & people have to pay a certain fee for the service.

Depending on the server certain aspects of different Websites vary. An example is the page speeds where some will open & load quicker than others. is a service that is most useful for developers in the deployment of Websites, Web pages & Web applications.

Users can host any HTML Website & JS single-page app on the Roast network & can choose whether to do this over HTTP2 or HTTPS protocols. HTTPS has the advantage of added security, hence would be ideal for Websites & apps that deal with confidential information.

Web developers can rest easy knowing that after they are done programming the Site then deployment becomes a walk in the park. The whole process of deployment would take no more than 5 minutes. One of the benefits of using Roast is the server side rendering feature. This means that renders will actually be 2 times faster on Roast domains than on regular domains.

In addition, Roast also boasts of a global CDN & this means that their servers & data centers are strategically placed all over the world in Amazon Web Services’ data centers. As a result, any Site hosted on their platform will perform on average better than those with centralized servers.

An interesting feature is that of the atomic deploys. Most Websites will require regular updates so that they can keep up with the times. Consequently, they usually require a period of time that they will remain offline while they ‘change curtains.’ With Roast the process is a lot easier whereby the website will only change over when deployment is complete.

Some other upcoming features include automatic security headers & the ability to roll back any deployment. This way mistakes can be easily corrected.

There are various pricing models that one can subscribe to in order to use the platform. Among them is a free model for light usage. The individual responsible for building Roast goes by the name Jonathan though little else is known about him.

It’s also difficult to pinpoint the home base for the Roast app from the many server locations.

– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review – 

Image Credit: Roast