Alexa, here’s some more competition, this time from Samsung

Samsung announced its new smart speaker called the Galaxy Home during its event in New York,Thursday.

It runs on Samsung’s own Bixby Artificial Intelligence (AI) voice assistant. Much like Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant, & Apple’s Siri, you can ask Bixby questions & have it perform certain tasks with your voice.

The Galaxy Home will also be a smart device hub, so you’ll be able to control smart-home devices with your voice. For example, you can control doors fitted with smart locks, or turn on smart light bulbs.

As a speaker, the Galaxy Home will deliver 360-degree sound, but you can ask Bixby to direct sound towards you rather than spreading it around a room. It also houses a subwoofer for bass.

Samsung’s announcement came a few days after China’s Baidu, Inc. announced that the install base of DuerOS, the company’s conversational AI assistant, reached 100 million devices, doubling over the past 6 months.