1st free GDPR consent solution by Quantcast

GDPR consent

Here’s some good news for those still trying to implement the GDPR, especially publishers. Analytics firm ‘Quantcast’ has come out with a free, yup, you heard right, free consent platform called ‘Choice’. This, as far as we can tell, is the 1st free available GDPR consent software for Websites.

An announcement on the Quantcast says:

IAB Europe announced the Open Transparency & Consent framework — an open, non-commercial technical standard for supporting the digital content and advertising ecosystem in meeting GDPR consumer consent requirements.

This solution is designed to enable websites, advertisers and their ad technology partners to obtain, manage and propagate consumers’ consent for their personal data to be processed in line with the GDPR. The solution enables transmission of user consent choices to the advertising ecosystem, increasing accountability through consent audit trails.

In a step by step method, Choice takes the Publisher/Advertiser through the many stages of getting a customized GDPR consent form. A code is then spewed out which you can then embed on your Website. The consent form can be of any size – a take-over screen, a pop-up or a large banner.

Image Credit: Quantcast

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