An “airbag” that keeps your phone from breaking up

The concept was demonstrated by dropping a phone encased in the jacket, & using a “spider-app.” The thin protective case makes use of sensors that detect when you drop your phone & starts to be in free-fall. This is combined with small metal springs that unfold into dampers in the form of 8 legs, cushioning the fall.

One nifty reason why you should consider using Google Podcasts – e-Why, What & How

There’s no denying it: Google’s new Android podcast app is barebones. You can search for & subscribe to podcasts, listen to podcasts, & get recommendations. But you can’t create playlists or filters, you can’t rate or review podcasts, & it doesn’t even provide podcast notifications.
But it’s still worth giving a chance! Especially if you’re deeply embedded in Google’s gadget ecosystem.