Wireframing for Websites & apps just got easier with ‘MockFlow WireframePro 2.0’


Most probably readers may be aware of ‘MockFlow’ as it’s been around for quite some time providing us with tools such as Sitemaps. Well, its developers recently introduced a newer version of this platform, the MockFlow WireframePro 2.0.

This platform provides you with a super easy wireframing. This means it helps you to design & collaborate use interface blueprints for Websites & apps.

They have redesigned & recoded the MockFlow 2.0 from scratch for the HTML 5. This has enabled the platform to be faster. It also has an integration of newer features such Integrating SiteMap view. This provides you with the best user experience to designing visual Maps & UI Flows. In addition, it has component libraries, Template Stores & HTML export.

Also, MockFlow WireframePro provides you with the Wireframe Editor. This is a fully featured drag-n-drop editor that allows you to draw user interface mockups. The editor also includes support for master pages, auto sizing of canvas, interacting & presentation mode.

Moreso, the platform also comes with various components for a wide variety of user interfaces. It has Web, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Apple watch, Bootstrap library among others. Besides, after creating your wireframes, MockFlow WireFrame Pro allows you to export them to a wide variety of formats. Be it images, MS Word, Adobe PDF, or even MS PowerPoint.

MockFlow WireframePro also allows you to access 3rd party templates using MockStore which is within the editor. The MockStore has a library of templates submitted by the MockFlow user community. In addition, these templates are all free & you can import them into your project instantly.

Collaboration features such real time editing & ‘Annotated Comment’ helps you in a seamless communication of ideas. MockFlow WireframePro provides you with just that because these features are essential for wireframing. In addition, MockFlow WireframePro allows you to share your projects privately with permissions. Your project can be shared to a reviewer who can only view the project, export & comment on it. You can as well share it to a co-editor who has permissions to view & edit the wireframe or share it to an admin who has full rights to the project.


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Image Credit: MockFlow 


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