Ubuntu available from Windows Store – News

Windows Insiders can now download & install Ubuntu onto Windows 10. Ubuntu on Windows allows 1 to use Ubuntu Terminal & run Ubuntu command line utilities including bash, ssh, git, apt, etc. Ubuntu runs in a sandbox alongside Windows 10, sharing access to files.

According to a post on the official Microsoft blog, there are several benefits in replacing the existing installation mechanism with a Windows Store based installation mechanism:

  • Faster & more reliable downloads: The Windows Store employs a sophisticated block-based download mechanism that minimizes the size of apps being downloaded, resulting in faster & more reliable downloads
  • Install distros side-by-side: WSL has been enhanced to support the installation of multiple distro’s alongside one another
  • Run multiple distro’s simultaneously: Not only can you install distro’s side-by-side, but you can now run more than one distro simultaneously

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