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If you frequently write copy, Web posts or articles & SEO optimization is important to you then you might want to give ‘Textalyzer’ a try. This Web-based tool will measure readability, check your readability score & analyze text against an important number of parameters, improving it immediately.

The way Textalyzer works is, you write a focus keyword into the tool’s 1st text field, then an article title & finally, the article’s text (up to 600 words). You then get an analysis details summary detailing the number of words, characters & sentences, together with the reading time.

Most importantly, SEO content & keyword analysis is provided. Here you’re get info about the title & the article’s recommended length, correct usage of the focus keyword & keyword density (content title optimization for focus keyword). Keyword usage is also broken down by density percentage.

After the text is scored, you get immediate feedback via Textalyzer’s intelligent highlighter, which will point out the parts of your text with issues. It’ll check for things like words with more than 4 syllables, long sentences with more than 20/30 syllables, adverbs, cliches…

The tool is meant for helping out marketers, journalists, bloggers, copywriters, SEO experts lawyers, authors, teachers, students. It will test out the following:

  • Flesch-Kincaid grade level/reading ease
  • Coleman Liau index
  • SMOG index
  • Automated readability index
  • Gunning fog score
  • Dale-Chall readability score
  • Spache readability score
  • Words with more than 4/20/30 syllables
  • Counts for: adverbs, cliches, characters, letters, non-letters, syllables, word, sentences, unique words, avg characters per word, avg words per sentence, avg syllables per word
  • Reading time
  • Speaking time

As Csaba Kissi, the Slovakia-based developer behind the tool, states: “unlike other products, it also analyzes the title & text against focus keyword as well as makes complete keyword density analysis.” Although the product is still in early stages of development, & is still an MVP (minimum viable product), it’s already very useful & can be an excellent aid for anyone who writes online.

You can access Textalyzer here. The tool is free for usage of up to 2000 words & for articles of up to 600 words. You can register using your Google or Facebook account to remove this limit.


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Image Credit: Textalyzer

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