Digital giants to collaborate on consumer data transfer project – News

Google, along with Microsoft, Twitter, & Facebook have taken data portability a step ahead by announcing the ‘Data Transfer Project’, an open source initiative dedicated to developing tools that will enable consumers to transfer their data directly from one service to another, without needing to download & re-upload it.

Corning Gorilla Glass 6 is here

corning gorilla glass

Corning Incorporated has introduced its latest breakthrough in glass technology, Corning Gorilla Glass 6.

“Gorilla Glass 6 is an entirely new glass composition that can be chemically strengthened to give it significantly higher levels of compression than is possible with Gorilla Glass 5. This enables Gorilla Glass 6 to be more resistant to damage,” said Jaymin Amin, Vice-president of Technology and Product Development, Corning Gorilla Glass and Corning Specialty Materials. “Moreover, with breaks during drops being a probabilistic event, the added compression helps increase, on average, the likelihood of survival through multiple drop events.”

Incidentally, Corning Gorilla Glass has been designed into more than 6 billion devices by more than 45 major brands.

A VPN as a Chrome extension

You can now install a VPN on your Chrome Browser.

ExpressVPN comes bundled with features such as: Online security on public Wi-Fi hotspots, hide your IP address & location, protect sensitive information from your ISP, 3rd parties. You can connect to the VPN extension in your browser with just one click to secure your connection instantly. Users can choose from 148 VPN server locations in 94 countries. This extension comes with the VPN kill switch that prevents Internet traffic from flowing outside the VPN tunnel if your VPN connection drops unexpectedly.

‘WorkonFlow’ lets you automate bots to run business processes

WorkonFlow lets you use a single interface to automate communication with customers & with your team. The project Site claims that the collection of bots that ship with the product let you delegate a lot of the busy work involved in running a business so that you can focus on those aspects of the business that matters most.