Find email addresses of practically anyone on LinkedIn with ‘Slik Prospector’

If you’ve ever had to find sales leads as part of a marketing or sales campaign, you know that LinkedIn is one of the best places to hone in on industry decision makers & leaders for practically any niche. For that matter, almost none of the social networks display members email addresses. Slik Prospector gets those emails for you with a stated accuracy of 98%.

Time tracking with ‘TopTracker’

Well, Toptal’s ‘TopTracker’ is a time tracking app that allows freelancers to track their time as well as performances easily. It is a time tracker that works for all freelancers regardless of your job platform.

Mobile monetization + user acquisition done by an automated platform

If you or your company need to promote an app that you’ve developed then you have to get in touch with a specialized advertising agency or an expert & shell out some bucks. The other way is to somehow gain the smarts to do it yourself. Now there’s an easier & cost-effective alternative. Using this Online mobile monetization & user acquisition platform, which is an all-in-one solution

The 5 popular chatbots in the business today

Instant conversations between businesses & their customers is becoming more & more essential. With this in mind, many businesses are starting to use artificial intelligent-run chatbots. Here are some of the famous ones.