‘eAngel Proofreading’ will proofread & correct your email

Many business persons find it hard going through professional emails that are filled with grammatical & syntax errors. This is where this startup eAngel can come in handy. This tool will help you to achieve professionalism & good quality in all your correspondence, including emails, while retaining the originality of the emails.

Create your own Twitter Moments

Twitter said that it’s starting to roll out the ability for any user to make their own Moments in the app’s Web client.

Reports: The Verge, BT.com VentureBeat

‘Tunnello’ lets you browse securely & access blocked Content

If you’re travelling abroad & want to access Content in the US, UK & many other countries, you need to set up a clunky & slow VPN to do so. Tunnello is an extension for the popular & cross-platform Chrome browser that is 10X faster than VPN tech while remaining equally secure.

Snapchat introduces ‘Spectacles’ – video recording glasses

Snap Inc. is trying to do Google Glass one better. The “failure” of the search giant’s eyeglass-mounted camera has not deterred the company that brought you Snapchat from developing Spectacles, a new type of sunglasses with tiny integrated video cameras that connect to the Net directly.