Agency fishbat COO discusses when it’s time to audit your Site’s SEO – Press note

fishbat is an online marketing firm that uses SEO, pay-per-click ads & Website design to help companies stay competitive in the digital marketplace. Scott Darrohn, COO, fishbat, says, “Companies in every industry could increase their revenues with a high SERP placement for target keywords. But search engines regularly update their algorithms, & Websites that don’t adapt can easily lose their page-rank to competitors.”

Google will now send your verbally dictated messages through WhatsApp, Viber, + more

Just check out the new feature that Google has added. Now, users can send messages using some of their fav messaging apps on their Android devices by simply “talking to Google”. The feature that allows users to dictate the messages that they are looking to send through emails, text messages & Hangouts messages has basically been expanded to include messaging apps.

Reports: BGR, CNET, The Weather Space