So is Wikipedia losing traffic or not? Depends whom you choose to listen to

For the past fortnight or so, there have been Online reports claiming that Wikipedia was reportedly losing desktop traffic, in fact had even lost a chunk between March-July of this year, especially from Google-end, some claimed. It all started following an analysis by research service SimiliarWeb. This & other reports were hotly contested by Wikipedia’s co-founder Jimmy Wales, who has denied that the drop was sudden, as was reported. Jimmy has given an extended explanation why it had happened.

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Japan’s DeNA launches live streaming app on lines of Periscope

1 of Japan’s biggest mobile game & Internet companies DeNA Co. has launched a global live streaming app that allows users to share anything happening on their smartphone screens – videos, games…anything. Called Mirrativ,the new app is the brainchild of Junichi Akagawa, a producer at DeNA.

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How to put your emails & posts on self- destruct mode

Self-destructing messages are the future of personal communication. Whether you want to recall a hastily written email, get rid of a giveaway post, or block access to a file, it’s possible to retract online content that you don’t want people to view after you have shared it. Better yet, you can set a time limit on content right when you’re posting it.

New Vine feature ensures perfect music looping too

Short video creation tool Vine has launched ‘Snap to Beat’, a feature that makes it easy for users to create music loops up to 6 seconds long with no beginning or end. Snap to Beats will be available for iOS, with an Android version coming soon.

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Instagram goes from square to full size (sharing of images, silly)

Recently, photo sharing service Instagram had started allowing users to click in ‘landscape mode’, yet one could only share one’s work as a square image. That’s about to change. Instagram has said it was updating its Android & iOS apps to enable native support for full-size landscape & portrait photos & video inside the app. The traditional square photos will remain the default for photos shared on Instagram.

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Amazon Underground – Get premium Android apps for free. Better believe it.

Andriod app users, here’s something that will get your attention. e-commerce Site Amazon has announced an Android app called Amazon Underground, where you can get even premium apps for free. Here, you can find everything that’s there in the conventional Amazon app as well as a revamped store for Android apps & games.

Reports: SlashGear, VentureBeat, Phandroid, The Verge

Yeti offers curated recommendations to help startups – #Startup

The concept for Yeti seems to be that it’s more about practical steps to take (or not to) than about networking or how-to style guides. In other words, the recommendations will help startups learn from the experiences of people who have done it before & will tell how to avoid mistakes that you might otherwise make.