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Podcasts are pretty popular these days. What’s not to like about a digital medium which lets you transmit audio & video files, much like a radio show, to thousands of willing ears & eyes? The skill level required to host your own podcast varies, but there’s fresh help at hand.

‘Cast’ is a service which makes it easy to record, edit & publish your podcast like a pro. The company offers 3 distinct parts to aid the process:

  • The Studio
  • The Editor
  • The Publisher

You don’t need extra software to be downloaded in your ‘studio’. Stored in the Cloud, this tool lets you record high-fidelity material even with guests on your show. When you don the Editor’s hat, powerful features like decompression, smooths the process to produce a professional product. Then you are ready to be the Publisher of the podcast with the click of a button. Analytics & hosting are offered at no extra charge by Cast. Non-techies especially will find this product useful since it starts them to the road to developing their podcasting skills.

The product was co-developed by Toronto, Canada-based engineer, Julian Lepinsky, who has also developed the Pano for phones for his company, Debacle Software. Cast has some good features like high-quality synced audio, live text chat & show notes & no login for guests. You can try out Cast for free for the 1st month after which you will need to buy 1 of the paid plans.


– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –
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