Shogun drag & drop page builder for DIY Content management – #Startup

Shogun is a drag & drop page builder that you can add as a plug-in to your Website. It makes adding, editing & publishing static pages to an existing Site very easy.

Integrating Shogun is as simple as copy-pasting a few lines of code. It’s currently available for Rails, so all you have to is paste the Shogun gem into your Gemfile & set the environment variables.

They’re working on PHP, Python/Django & Node.js integration too. Whatever platform you use, the point is that integrating Shogun is easy, & adding or modifying & publishing pages can be done by anyone afterwards.

The codeless WYSIWYG editor allows you to modify pages without any need to code. Adding new pages is as easy as pressing a button. These guys offer stock templates, & you can use styling that already exists in your Web app. Shogun is language agnostic, & you can take it straight from design to production.

The free version allows 1 user & 4 pages. A paid startup version for 1 user & 10 pages will cost you US $150/month, & enterprise costing can be discussed. This would be a good time to note that the startup pricing is indeed relatively very high compared to your usual Website/page builder tools.

It’s hard to think of a startup or small business willing to pay $150/month for the ability to create & maintain 10 pages without calling on tech support.

The San Francisco, CA, US-based Shogun Co-Founder & CTO Finbarr Taylor explained on Ycombinator that they thought the price was reasonable compared to the cost of maintaining Web pages by hand, because engineering time was expensive, often ranging upwards of US $100/hr.

Taylor noted that Shogun enabled anyone who was part of your team to easily manage the Website, which he said, could save a lot of engineering hours per day & week, depending on the number of pages in the Website.

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