‘Scrambl3’ uses “Top Secret” grade encryption tech to provide smartphone service

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If you or your organization are at risk for surveillance on your voice calls or text messages because you need to protect your intellectual property, trade secrets, insider & other sensitive info, then you might want to give Scrambl3 a try.

USMobile, an Irvine, California US-based company launched this service in June of last year to provide a commercial solution for cell phone & Tablet users who are worried that their private communication over public networks can be easily intercepted by their competition or by other unfriendly parties. Company President, Jon Hanour, stated in a news release that the “Dark Internet Tunnel technology employed by USMobile’s Scrambl3 private mobile platform produces an exponential increase in smartphone and tablet privacy compared to existing commercial solutions, providing peace of mind for its users. Scrambl3 creates trusted connections over untrusted networks”.

The way communication between Scrambl3-habilitated smartphones works is by establishing “Dark Internet Tunnels”, which cloaks the audio & texts by making them invisible on the Internet. The type of users who are most likely to benefit from this platform are business execs, government officials & just plain security conscious private users. USMobile respects users’ anonymity when they sign up for the service & prevents “public lookups” & “friend requests,” which are typical of other mobile networks.

USMobile developed this tech a few years ago for the US National Security Agency (NSA) as a new generation secure mobile architecture to protect classified government comms & has further developed the commercial version of the tech with the NSA’s encouragement. The aim is to help American businesses protect valuable intellectual property from theft.

Hanour also stated that “….in our brave new world, where the details of our lives and businesses are becoming increasingly public through social media, sophisticated marketing techniques and government surveillance, we are seeing a trend toward protecting our privacy. We believe privacy is the future, and while people are connecting in positive ways through social networks, we are also seeking privacy solutions to keep our mobile calls and texts confidential.”

The service is available to the general public for iOS & Android as an app in Google Play & in the Apple App Store.  It can be tried out by private users for 30 days for free & has a cost of $US 10 per user after that. A Scrambl3 Enterprise version is also offered for $500 per month for up to 50 users & is jointly marketed by USMobile & IBM.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review.
Image Credit: USMobile


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